Addiction Recovery & Healing is a Central Focus at CCOM!

Addiction recovery and healing is a central focus at CCOM. Hundreds of men and women over the years have experienced the joy of being set free from the chains of addiction. This is achieved through a 12 month, Jesus-centered, residential program that includes Bible study, counseling, classes, work, church attendance and community. There is no cost for the program. Men and women engage in work at CCOM to pay for the cost of the ministry.

For more questions and/or to schedule an intake interview, please call Lorie Brooks at 804.675.4101.

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Men's Ranch

Our men's home is located in a beautiful, rural setting outside of the city. The acreage around the home provides a safe, perfect setting to clear the mind and heart and be filled with the hope of God. With approximately 23 beds the Men's Ranch is a community of men focused on being sober and clean one day at time. With God's help all things are possible!

House of Mercy

The HOM, our recovery home for women, overlooks a small pond and wooded area. It is a more intimate setting than our men's ranch, providing women a space for community, spiritual life in Jesus, and inspiration. Similar to our men, the HOM is for ladies who are ready to focus on being sober and clean with God's help.

House of Refuge

24HR Emergency Hotline: (804) 893-0511

Our main priority at the House Of Refuge is to provide comfort, healing, and a new beginning through the love of Jesus Christ! Through partnerships with local law enforcement, social services, and personal referrals, the House of Refuge provides a comfortable setting for women to reclaim their lives, develop a plan for the future, and experience the love of God.

To schedule an intake interview, please call Lorie Brooks at 804.675.4101

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